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Tepilo – free property web site

The official line is: “Check out Sarah Beeny’s smarter way to buy, sell or let your home. It’s called and it’s free to upload your home. It’s also got loads of property advice from Sarah. Click the following link to view now

It actually sounds like quite a good concept and should do a lot to combat the extortionate prices of estate agents. With wider uptake, this could definitely be a useful resource… certainly one I’ve bookmarked for the future anyway!

How to undo “send” in Gmail

I didn’t realise it was possible to under a send action in Gmail until I read the Mashable article today on it. The full article can be read HERE. But a quick summary for easy reference is as follows:

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Arguably the best pub in Chester – “The Brom”

It’s not a fancy gastro pub, or even exceptionally fashionable, but it has plenty of cheap, good beers on tap and is always a friendly place. Google Maps link HERE

Actually, there are quite a few nice pubs in Chester… including:

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New Green Links page added to CODY1

I’ve added a new page to my web site – “Green Links” – which I aim to review regularly and add new links to, when and as I find them. There are plenty of resources available in this field, so if there are any blatantly missing off – please use the Contact Me form to send me information about them. I’ll review them fairly quickly and add them if I think them worthwhile. Thanks!

A handy web site here that looks at ways of improving the energy design of houses, not just for new builds but also in house renovation and redevelopment projects.

Taken from the web site itself, it says,

“The Low Energy House website provides information to enable architects, house designers, house builders and landlords to deliver comfortable, energy efficient and affordable homes that will help the environment and help reduce fuel poverty.

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Golf joke

Golf… the only time it’s acceptable for a man to hold an iron!

Customised LinkedIn buttons

I’m on the business networking web site, LinkedIn (

If you want to include customised buttons linking to your LinkedIn profile (like the one below), then just follow these simple steps.

View Matt Cody's profile on LinkedIn (this button actually links to my personal LinkedIn profile)

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Camelot theme park offer have a 2-4-1 offer on Camelot theme park currently available on their web site, here: – it’s only valid till the 5th September 2010 though, so be quick to take advantage of the deal!

The Times Paywall

I read with interest this article on the Times Paywall (HERE) and found it fascinating how the media world is waiting to see the outcome of this move. I’m not convinced about the capability of forcing a mass media subscription model on the public, when we reside in such an interconnected, open world of communication, media, marketing and news. Yes, there are exceptions like the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, but these are exceptions rather than the rule – and they could be considered to operate in more narrowly defined niche than the Times. Other sources have estimated the Times has lost up to 90% of its online readers… and it’s not just the Times that should be worried, it’s their advertisers too… paying to be seen by 1/10th of their former audience? I’d expect a tenth of the price as a result, no matter how much someone says the readership now has a much better demographic breakdown. That’s just my opinion though!

Tweetdeck for Twitter

I’ve started using a really handy application for keeping track of the various social networks I’m signed up to and involved in. It helps bring it all together into one place and means I can stay on top of what’s going on.

Sign up for a Twitter account here: