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Huge savings with Admiral Multicar insurance

I just had to post something about Admiral Multicar insurance after they’ve managed to nearly halve my insurance quote this year! And this is at a time when the press are regularly stating that insurance premiums are going up across the board too. My renewal quote from previous insurer, 1st Central, came in at more than £200 higher than the previous year, despite having an extra year’s No Claims Bonus as well. I had the distinct impression they were trying to price me out of their business… so maybe it’s a business tactic of theirs?!

Anyway, I spoke to a really nice and helpful guy at Admiral called Maurice and he helped process my order. The customer service was first class, but that’s really secondary to the policy stuff, which was really outstanding. Not only can I have my renewal on the date that I want (end of April), but as the other car policy isn’t due to renew until the start of August, I can let that existing policy finish before adding it to my multicar policy. When it does join in August, it’ll be a pro-rata payment to bring it in line with the first car policy. It really couldn’t be easier!

Or get a quote now by clicking here:

The cheapest quote I had from either, or – was more than £400 more expensive than the multicar policy and all of them had higher excesses too!

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Free picture resize tool

I came across this picture resize tool the other day and thought I’d share it, since it’s actually quite handy. Not everyone fancies setting up Batch processes in Photoshop to resize multiple images, so this should certainly help in that instance.