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Amazon Kindle 3G

Amazon Kindle 3G

Ok – I’m more than a little bit excited…

After buying my mum a Kindle for Christmas, I’ve finally ordered myself one!

Unfortunately delivery dates over the festive break mean I won’t get mine till the New Year, but it just means I can get all my ebooks in order between then and now. I have, however, had plenty of opportunity to set my mum’s Kindle up, source her some good books and have a general play around with it. My experience with it led me to order one for myself… it’s just that good!

The Kindle 3G, at £149 £152 following the VAT increase  (including VAT and delivery – click HERE to buy yours now!) is exceptionally good value and the e-ink screen has to be seen to be believed/appreciated. Anyone that’s ever had to contend with looking at a regular laptop screen in the sunlight will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Have a look at the video Amazon has put together themselves on the Kindle 3G page – it’s really quite good and helps explain fairly clearly what the Kindle is and what the features and benefits are. You can access the page by clicking HERE.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to anyone and everyone that happens to stumble across my web site!

Feed a cold, starve a fever

I’ve always wondered which way round the saying should go and have never really had a reliable answer from anyone I’ve asked.

So, with a little nifty Googling, the bods over at New Scientist have helped answer this for me. It’s particularly pertinent being as I’ve been struck down with man flu for the best part of the last month!

The maxim “feed a cold, starve a fever” may be right after all, researchers have discovered.

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Funny beer adverts

Entertaining adverts…Hahn Beer (on YouTube)

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VPhase TV advert launches

The first VPhase TV advert launches on Christmas Eve in the ITV Granada region – which coincides with the launch of a national framework agreement with Eaga Heating Services Ltd. Through the deal (the press release can be read HERE), customers can buy a VPhase unit through Eaga – and have it supplied and fitted for just £349 including VAT.

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Closing Google Accounts

It’s really quite simple to close Google Accounts – but they don’t make it abundantly clear how to do so.

Google offers many services and products, mostly free of charge, to web surfers all around the world via Internet. The most popular and most famous is definitely Gmail. Other services include Alerts, Blogger, Calendar, Docs, Groups, YouTube, Web History, iGoogle, Checkout, Analytics, AdSense and AdWords.

If you no longer want to use any or all of the Google services, you can delete and remove and delete any number of Google services from your Google Account. Or if you wish, user can delete and close Google Account completely, together with all services and information that associated with the Google Account.

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Chinese Recipes

What a great forum post I stumbled across the other day… it includes some authentic sounding Chinese recipes. I’m definitely going to be giving some of these a try some time soon!


Free anti virus and firewall software

There are lots of different packages available that offer anti virus and/or firewall protection, often with many other products and protection elements bundled in as well… but sorting out which is any good and which can be relied upon is important for all computer users.

The is my list of free ant virus and firewall software. It’s not an exhaustive list – and I’m open to receive recommendations or suggestions for additions… but it’s a useful list of free resources.

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The science of your hangover

I came across this really interesting article on the Independent’s web site the other day, all about the science behind hangovers. It seemed particularly pertinent, given the festive season and more than a few people suffering with their hangovers.

Hangoverville is a place nobody wants to visit, but the road towards it is one many of us end up taking, especially during the party season. The telltale signs of having reached your destination are unmistakable and aptly described on a global scale. “Smacked from behind” is the literal translation of the Swedish word for hangover. Meanwhile, the Salvadoreans describe themselves as waking up “made of rubber”, the French with a “wooden mouth” or a “hair ache” and the Danes with “carpenters in the forehead”.

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Snail joke

I had a racing snail that never won a race, so I removed his shell to make him more aerodynamic…

…it just made him more sluggish though!