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Chester Races Fixtures 2014

Chester RacesJust so they’re easily accessible, in a concise list, here are the Chester Races fixtures for 2014:

  • Wednesday, 7th May 2014 
  • Thursday, 8th May 2014 
  • Friday, 9th May 2014 
  • Saturday, 31st May 2014 
  • Saturday, 14th June 2014 
  • Friday, 27th June 2014 
  • Saturday, 28th June 2014 
  • Friday, 11th July 2014 
  • Saturday, 12th July 2014 
  • Sunday, 3rd August 2014 
  • Saturday, 16th August 2014 
  • Saturday, 30th August 2014 
  • Friday, 12th September 2014 
  • Saturday, 13th September 2014 
  • Saturday, 27th September 2014

Why Viber is better than WhatsApp

viber logoI read the news that Facebook had bought WhatsApp for $19bn with some surprise, as most of the world did – particularly as the deal was apparently concluded in a matter of weeks since it was first discussed. I can understand the various theories bouncing around about why it was so important for Facebook to nullify a potential future competitor, tap into the mobile market more successfully (it’s the future, apparently!) and instantly receive a shot in the arm in terms of their impressive user base growth rate (WhatsApp instantly adds 450 million users to the Facebook user bottom line). But I struggle to comprehend is why they paid so much. The Marketer magazine put together a good summary of why Facebook bought WhatsApp HERE

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Full Amazon Prime finally in the UK

How good is this? The UK version of Amazon has finally announced that they’re introducing the same features as the US version! This means free access to the Kindle library of 500,000 books, unlimited movie & TV streaming, and next day deliveries from Amazon’s stock. The usual price will be £79 per year, but if you sign up before 26th February (you can take a free 30 day trial if you’re unsure) – then you can get it at the reduced price of £49. The service will go live fully in 5 days. Follow the link HERE to find out more.