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Very funny rap video about tea

A friend showed me this video on YouTube the other day.

It’s an extract from Russell Howard’s Good News show – and it’s very funny!

It just shows how important tea is to the British public…

The difference between raisins and sultanas

raisinsJust this morning as I was adding some dried fruit to my breakfast cereal, I wondered what the difference is between raisins and sultanas – so I decided to check it out with the ever helpful Google. For those that want to know, the difference is as follows:

  • Sultanas are dried white grapes but from seedless varieties. They are golden in colour and tend to be plumper, sweeter and juicier than other raisins.
  • Raisins are also dried white grapes which are dried to produce a dark, sweet fruit.
  • Currants are dried, dark red, seedless grapes. They are dried to produce a black, tiny shrivelled, flavour-packed dried currant.

So there you have it – not so complicated after all, and now I know for sure if I’m ever asked!