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Squash ball colours explained

I never did remember what the different colours on squash balls meant, but found a handy guide on Wikipedia…

Different balls are provided for varying temperature and atmospheric conditions and standards of play: more experienced players use slow balls that have less bounce than those used by less experienced players (slower balls tend to ‘die’ in court corners, rather than ‘standing up’ to allow easier shots).

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How to build WP Pagenavi into your WordPress theme

It’s surprisingly easy actually… you just need to make sure you edit the theme in all the right places.

I used this resource here to guide me on how to best to achieve this:

Code example after the link…

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Lovefilm on the PS3

How good is this? Lovefilm is now available on the PS3. Not only can you get DVDs and Blu Rays mailed out to you as often as you like, but you can now stream movies directly to the PS3 and assuming you have a minimum subscription of £9.99, there’s over 4,000 movies that you can watch. Happily watched Chopper the other day for the first time, and whilst the quality isn’t tip top, it’s certainly watchable. I’ve also read that they’re thinking of brining 4OD to the PS3 too – so it definitely looks as though the playstation is winning the console battle to be the entertainment hub of choice in the living room. More info at Lovefilm here:

Dick Strawbridge talks about VPhase

Snatch wars… Brick Vader

Ok… it’s not to everyone’s tastes… and the language is obviously a little colourful…

But someone clearly with too much time on their hands has very amusingly mashed together the movies Snatch and Star Wars to create this masterpiece!