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Email Marketing Bounces

emailBeing a marketer today almost certainly means you must have more than a passing familiarity with the digital world; and one of the cornerstones of digital marketing, is the trusty email marketing mailshot. I’ll leave the process of managing your database, segmentation and targeting to other blogs and posts, because this post is going to focus on those things that every marketer hates – email marketing bounces. Effectively, a bounced marketing email is an unsuccessful email that is being returned to the send because it was undeliverable for one reason or another.

However, the story doesn’t stop there, because there are different types of bounced email and understanding what each one is will help future campaigns, as well as providing a more thorough understanding of the customer database and enabling a degree of data cleansing to take place – which will ultimately lead to more effective email marketing in the future.

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VPhase launch training video

VPhase has launched its first technical training video. I commissioned this project and was recommended to the Navigator Productions, in Kent. They’re the team behind the Learning Lounge range of technical training videos. They were extremely professional and their technical background and knowledge proved invaluable, with their insight helping us explain the technical concepts in an easy to understand manner.

Please note that installing a VPhase voltage optimisation device should only be attempted by a qualified professional. This is not a DIY solution, as it involves hard wiring the unit into the mains power in the home.  For more information about VPhase, please visit the web site: