Squash ball colours explained

I never did remember what the different colours on squash balls meant, but found a handy guide on Wikipedia…

Different balls are provided for varying temperature and atmospheric conditions and standards of play: more experienced players use slow balls that have less bounce than those used by less experienced players (slower balls tend to ‘die’ in court corners, rather than ‘standing up’ to allow easier shots).

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One hundred pushups

I read about this in Men’s Health whilst on holiday and thought it’d be a great challenge to get stuck into.

I’ve not started it yet – but plan to do so soon…

Chester Cycle City

There’s a handy web site called Chester Cycle City that I’ve come across, which also includes printable leaflets of the different routes that surround the city.┬áThese are available here:

Running calculator

For all those people I know doing the Chester Half Marathon this weekend, there’s this handy running / training calculator available online, HERE and you can calculate the length of your training runs using the Running Ahead web site, HERE. Other fitness links available HERE. An alternative, more simple, running calculator is available HERE.

New Fitness Links page added

It’s a work in progress (as with most of this site) but I’ve added a new Fitness Links page to the Links section of the CODY1 site. There’s only a few links on there right now, but it’ll hopefully develop over time and grow to include new links and additional posts in this latest category addition.