Epsom Racing Fixtures 2013

epsom-racesSince I now live in Epsom and will be more likely to go to Epsom Races rather than Chester Races, it makes sense to also include the Epsom racing fixtures for 2013 too.

  • Investec Spring Meeting Wednesday 24th April
  • Investec Ladies’ Day Friday 31st May
  • Investec Derby Day Saturday 1st June
  • Epsom Live! Thursday (eve) 4th July
  • Epsom Live! Thursday (eve) 11th July
  • Epsom Live! Thursday (eve) 18th July
  • Epsom Live! Thursday (eve) 25th July
  • Ladies Night Thursday (eve) 1st AugustĀ 
  • Family Fun Raceday Monday (BH) 26th August
  • Tuesday 27th August
  • Afternoon Racing Thursday 12th September
  • Autumn Meeting Sunday 29th September

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Epsom opening times


ItĀ has been a while since I’ve updated this site with any new, freshly written content – but that’s because I’ve been rather busy offline. In fact, I’ve got married, got a new job and moved house, so all in all, it has been a little hectic for me. Anyway, now I’m living in Epsom, I find that I’m constantly looking up the opening times of various places, but often find that the various sites that list the opening times, do so on a store by store basis, as opposed to covering the whole town. So, to make my life easier, I’m going to collate the store opening times of places in Epsom.

Restaurants / bars

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