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Agree a date

I’ve been told about this web site – Agree a Date ( which sounds ideal for trying to coordinate friends and colleagues for various activities. I’m going to add it to my bookmarks and next time I need to organise an event, I’ll be giving it a go!

The difference between sub domains, parked domains and add-on domains

I still get confused about the differences between sub domains, parked domains and add-on domains… so here’s a handy reference definition: 

Sub domain 

  • Lets say your domain is
  • You install a Discusssion Forum and put in in a directory called
  • You can turn the forum into a sub-domain by adding it as a sub-domain from your Control Panel
  • Now you can access your forum as either OR
  • This generally costs you nothing and is free.

Parked Domain

  • You have two domains and
  • is the domain of your website and you want to add
  • You want them both to go to the same place. In other words, when someone types either or they will go to the same page(s) on your website.
  • In order to have additional parked domains you need to purchase them from a registry.

Add-On Domains

  • You have two domains and
  • You want the two domains to be totally separate/independent websites
  • In order to have additional add-on domains you need to purchase them from a registry.


Apologies about the site problems

Apologies if you’ve been trying to access content on my web site for the last 24 hours… I’ve been having one or two problems with the migration to a new server. It should be mostly finished now, although the nameservers now need to fully resolve before the site will be back up 100% of the time. Equally, for some reason, the theme has broken too – so that’s task number 2 on the list!

Disable directory browsing

If, like me, you like to play around with your web site – occasionally you’ll accidentally break it, as I have. This latest time, I disabled the directory browsing on my site to increase security, but the way that I tried to do it through the cpanel index manager, left my whole site inaccessible.

So that I remember next time I do this… I’ve written the instructions down here.

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Fantastic Chinese acrobats

Here’s another YouTube video that I’ve been sent recently… the skill of these guys is absolutely amazing!

Personality tests

the brainPersonality tests are frequently used in business and university life to help gain a greater understanding of one’s self and of others around you. I’ve had the good fortune to go through a number of the tests myself and it’s often surprising just how accurate they can be. Myers Briggs, Belbin, Jung, Freud, etc. – they all provide different insights into the human psyche. But the reason for this post, is that I was emailed a link to a really handy site that provides a whole host of free, online tests – and it’s definitely worth a visit:

There are also companies that offer psychological or psychometric testing – and it’s often used in the recruitment process – which is why there’s some listed on the Recruiter Network, here: