Personality tests

the brainPersonality tests are frequently used in business and university life to help gain a greater understanding of one’s self and of others around you. I’ve had the good fortune to go through a number of the tests myself and it’s often surprising just how accurate they can be. Myers Briggs, Belbin, Jung, Freud, etc. – they all provide different insights into the human psyche. But the reason for this post, is that I was emailed a link to a really handy site that provides a whole host of free, online tests – and it’s definitely worth a visit:

There are also companies that offer psychological or psychometric testing – and it’s often used in the recruitment process – which is why there’s some listed on the Recruiter Network, here:

The UK Recruitment Industry – info sources & magazines

Working within the UK Recruitment Industry it’s important to stay abreast of developments that are going to affect you. It goes without saying that recruiters need to remain informed of the news that affects them within the sectors that they trade in, so there will be countless sector-specific news sources that will provide information such as this. However, it is also important to remain informed of developments that specifically affect the UK recruitment industry – whether it is government legislation, recruitment trends, market sentiment, new HMRC guidelines, or even just monitoring the competition. The following set of links are all useful sources of information for the UK recruitment industry; there are more, but these are the primary ones that I use.

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