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WordPress Android plugin

This is my first chance to use the Android WordPress plugin and I have to say that despite the small screen on my HTC, it’s actually fairly easy to use. In fact, this post is being written on my mobile!

I think my biggest reservation about the app was typing a long post and not being able to save it in draft format, or losing the info somehow. Well, the app allows me to save drafts and return to them at a later date to edit and/or publish. And it’s fast too; faster than I expected it to be.

I think the biggest advantage of the app will come from being able to view and moderate any blog posts whilst I’m on the move. It should help make the blog a bit more interactive, responding to visitors more quickly – but also allowing me to make micro-posts on the move.

I’d give it 4 stars out of 5 overall. It’s missing some of the advanced plugins I have on my desktop, but for remaining connected and up to date whilst mobile, I can see it becoming invaluable.

Chester iPhone apps

It’s a shame I’ve not come across any Android apps for Chester (there’s a niche in the market for any budding developers!) – but there are a couple of iPhone apps that look pretty handy.

The best of the bunch seems to be the Chester Races iPhone app. You download it HERE from the itunes store. It’s completely free and includes the following features:

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