Green links

There’s lots of good information available on the Internet about green and environmentally friendly products and services, as well as general news, tips and information – and that’s what this page will be, a collection of links related to that. (Please note that this is a work in progress and I’ll be adding links and information to this page and web site over time.)





Green products – Insulation


Green products – Solar Power


Green products – Voltage Optimisation (see Wikipedia entry on Voltage Optimisation HERE)


  • Domestic voltage optimisation – – Domestic voltage optimisation. This is definitely a product that needs greater exposure. It’s better than the smart meters being rolled out throughout the UK, as it doesn’t require any lifestyle changes and will work in the background to lower and regulate the voltage in your house. Follow VPhase on Twitter HERE or join the Voltage Optimisation group on LinkedIn HERE. *



Green products – Wind Power

Green services