Astronomy size comparison

I saw this online and thought it was that interesting, I’d share it.

It puts everything in to a new kind of perspective, doesn’t it?!

Very funny rap video about tea

A friend showed me this video on YouTube the other day.

It’s an extract from Russell Howard’s Good News show – and it’s very funny!

It just shows how important tea is to the British public…

Russian elections joke video

I had this sent to me a while ago, but came across it whilst having a clear out of some old folders. Quite funny really…

Golden Eagle tries snatches kid

I saw this video on Facebook and the news and at first thought it was a fake, but it seems as though it actually happened. Unbelievable!

Funny surprised kitten video

I saw this on Rude Tube the other night and thought it was hilarious!

Hilarious TV advert – Aldi parrot likes it!

This has to be one of the funniest adverts I’ve seen on the TV for a long while…

Fantastic time-lapse animation

I came across this time-lapse animation today, of an illustrator/artist creating the cover for a comic book.

It’s incredible watching the image being constructed and the detail that goes in to a piece of work like this.

I’m not sure I’d have the patience to work on something like this! In the video, the artist starts off creating a pencil sketch and them imports the image into Photoshop to flesh it out more.

Fantastic Chinese acrobats

Here’s another YouTube video that I’ve been sent recently… the skill of these guys is absolutely amazing!

Great idea – home made paper plant pots!

I came across this video today and thought it was a great idea to be green, save money and recycle unwanted paper – make your own plant pots!

Streaker FAIL video… very funny!

This guy has absolutely no idea that there’s a door there…