Russian elections joke video

I had this sent to me a while ago, but came across it whilst having a clear out of some old folders. Quite funny really…

Tom Hanks Joke

laughingMy mate just asked me if I like any of Tom Hanks’ movies.

I said “Saving Private Ryan and Forest Gump were pretty good, but I’m not really a Big fan.”

Snail joke

I had a racing snail that never won a race, so I removed his shell to make him more aerodynamic…

…it just made him more sluggish though!

Snowman joke

I’m making a horror film where a sadistic snowman sets death traps for other snowmen and they have to melt bits of themselves to escape.

It’s called “Thaw”.

Sneezing panda

The sneezing panda is such a funny clip… well worth a watch!