voltage optimisation

VPhase launch training video

VPhase has launched its first technical training video. I commissioned this project and was recommended to the Navigator Productions, in Kent. They’re the team behind the Learning Lounge range of technical training videos. They were extremely professional and their technical background and knowledge proved invaluable, with their insight helping us explain the technical concepts in an easy to understand manner.

Please note that installing a VPhase voltage optimisation device should only be attempted by a qualified professional. This is not a DIY solution, as it involves hard wiring the unit into the mains power in the home.  For more information about VPhase, please visit the web site: www.vphase.co.uk

VPhase drops price to £299

VPhase voltage optimisation is now available for just £299 including VAT and installation*, when purchased through their national framework supplier Eaga.

With VPhase voltage optimisation you can save around 10% off your electricity bills without having to change the way you live. It’s a simple fit and forget solution that requires no ongoing maintenance.

How Can VPhase improve my home?

  • Save around 10% on your electricity bills
  • No change to lifestyle required
  • Maintenance free for its 25+ year life
  • Easily installed by any qualified electrician, or their national fulfilment partner Eaga
  • Reduce household carbon footprints
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty

Payback periods of typically under 5 years means it’s a risk free investment for the home

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VPhase TV advert launches

The first VPhase TV advert launches on Christmas Eve in the ITV Granada region – which coincides with the launch of a national framework agreement with Eaga Heating Services Ltd. Through the deal (the press release can be read HERE), customers can buy a VPhase unit through Eaga – and have it supplied and fitted for just £349 including VAT.

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Free energy meter prize draw

It’s the Energy Saving Trust’s “Energy Saving Week” so to help raise awareness of the over-voltage problem and energy waste in the UK, VPhase are running a free prize draw promotion offering 50 people the chance to win an energy meter for their home.

Click the link to find out more and enter: http://www.vphase.co.uk/contact-us/free-energy-meters

VPhase Voltage Optimisation for the home

Possibly a little biased about this video, since I helped create it… but it tells a great story about why voltage optimisation is so important for the home. Everyone’s keen on doing their bit for the environment, but when the economy’s looking so glum, people tend to focus more on their own finances , as opposed to doing what’s right for the environment.

Voltage optimisation for the home allows people to do both – save money AND save the planet!

  • Save around 10% on your home electricity bills
  • Reduce your carbon emission and save the environment (actually, it saves over 4 tonnes of CO2 over the 25+ year life of the product)
  • It’s easily installed by a qualified electrician
  • It has a 5 year warranty
  • Payback periods are typically less than 5 years – so it represents a virtually risk free investment
  • It’s a completely maintenance free device… it’s simply a case of fit, forget and save instantly!

At £250 installed (when fitted at the same time as a fuse box), it’s a really low cost green option for the home.

Everyone thinks of solar power or wind power as the next green solution for the home, but these things cost a small fortune… VPhase voltage optimisation is much more affordable, doesn’t require a change in lifestyle, and isn’t dependent on the sun shining or the wind blowing!

As the lady in the video says… it really is a ‘no-brainer’!

For more information, please visit www.vphase.co.uk


A handy web site here that looks at ways of improving the energy design of houses, not just for new builds but also in house renovation and redevelopment projects.  www.lowenergyhouse.com

Taken from the web site itself, it says,

“The Low Energy House website provides information to enable architects, house designers, house builders and landlords to deliver comfortable, energy efficient and affordable homes that will help the environment and help reduce fuel poverty.

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What is Voltage Optimisation?

Ok – so there’s more than a little self interest in me writing about this, mainly because I’m the marketing manager tasked with promoting a domestic voltage optimisation product in the UK. However, even if I weren’t working in the industry, I think the green credentials of the technology are such that it should be more widely known about and considered as a viable green technology.

I’ve created a LinkedIn group here: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=3216180 which I’m hoping will be one of many touch points for the general public to find out more about voltage optimisation.

To put it concisely, voltage optimisation is a proven scientific approach to lowering and regulating incoming voltage into a property, and in doing so the household will use less electricity, which will cost less, result in fewer CO2 emissions and potentially prolong the useful life of domestic appliances.

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