VPhase voltage optimisation is now available for just £299 including VAT and installation*, when purchased through their national framework supplier Eaga.

With VPhase voltage optimisation you can save around 10% off your electricity bills without having to change the way you live. It’s a simple fit and forget solution that requires no ongoing maintenance.

How Can VPhase improve my home?

  • Save around 10% on your electricity bills
  • No change to lifestyle required
  • Maintenance free for its 25+ year life
  • Easily installed by any qualified electrician, or their national fulfilment partner Eaga
  • Reduce household carbon footprints
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty

Payback periods of typically under 5 years means it’s a risk free investment for the home


*The £299 price including VAT and installation is subject to the condition of your fuse board. The device is designed to be fitted on to a 17th edition consumer unit, or a 16th edition board that can be upgraded to 17th edition. Most modern houses have 17th edition fuse boards anyway, and if they don’t… they should be upgraded anyway to comply with the new regulations.

How it works

The UK electricity distribution network operates at a nominal 230V, although in practice average voltages are more likely to range between 240V and 245V. The VPhase unit manages voltage to a stable level, normally 220V in the UK, regardless of the incoming supply voltage.

The amount of energy saved is device specific, for example: testing by VPhase on fridges and freezers shows 17%, 15% on normal light bulbs and 10% on energy saving light bulbs. One digital cordless phone showed an extraordinary saving of 44%. Savings will vary dependent incoming voltage and individual devices.

Further savings can be made on washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers, televisions and numerous other electrical appliances across the whole house.

Typically, whole house savings are in the region of 10% – which means, household electricity bills will be around 10% less each year.

Unlike Smart Meters, which require a change in lifestyle, or solar and wind power that are focused on renewable energy production as opposed to preventing energy waste, VPhase Voltage Optimisation is a fit and forget solution that once installed will operate silently and unobtrusively, lowering and stabilising household voltage, saving money, reducing CO2 emissions and preventing energy waste.