Feed a cold, starve a fever

I’ve always wondered which way round the saying should go and have never really had a reliable answer from anyone I’ve asked.

So, with a little nifty Googling, the bods over at New Scientist have helped answer this for me. It’s particularly pertinent being as I’ve been struck down with man flu for the best part of the last month!

The maxim “feed a cold, starve a fever” may be right after all, researchers have discovered.

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Marketing, business and web skills

So this web site is now a handy place for me to keep everything that I do online ordered and accessible, as well as test various online technologies and functionality.

My skills and experience includes:

  • Marketing – strategic & tactical marketing plans, advertising, etc.
  • Business & organisational health checks
  • Web design – HTML, PHP, Joomla, WordPress, others…
  • Graphic design – predominantly Photoshop – covering print and advertising design, business graphics, logos, invitiations, anything really…
  • Research – predominantly secondary, desk-based research – but also including advice and consultancy on alternative options and sources of information
  • Recruitment – how to recruit, services available, routes to market, CV writing advice, careers management and consultancy work, recruitment web sites, etc.
  • Social media marketing – just starting here (late, I know), but, watch this space…