Amazon Kindle 3GI’ve been reading around the topic and I’m still struggling to understand just how to install Calibre on my web server. I want to be able to run Calibre 24/7 on my server so that I can serve up news according to my pre-determined schedule, as opposed to using the process described in my other post: Automated free news for Kindle using Calibre.

However, I have come across three resources that I think might help.

Charles B. Hayley has put together a PHP server version of Calibre (HERE). From a first read-through after downloading the zip file and playing with the online demo, it looks as though this is aimed at being a basic replica of Calibre, only in an online format. It’s more for ebook management than fetching and distributing news. Once I’ve had time to set this up properly and have a look around it, it might be possible to add the news service to it too. I’ll obviously post any progress here, when, as and if it happens…

Alternatively, on Calibre’s help section itself there’s some information about installing Calibre on a Linux Server (HERE) – but I’m not sure how to go about setting this up.

The third option is a third party service, that at the time of writing appears to be free: Readbeam News Subscription (link HERE). I’ve not tested this service myself yet – but it’s from the guy that was trialling the freenews4ebooks service beta program, so maybe the trial showed him the direction to take with developing this kind of service.

I think that for me, until perhaps Kovid (Calibre’s author) provides an easy web server installation package, I may as well just carry on using my Wake Up alert to automate scheduled news fetching and distribution. It’s an interim solution until something better comes along… For those that haven’t seen it, the guide to automating free news on your Kindle is available HERE.

If anyone reading this has had more success setting up Calibre on a web server, then please let me know… either use the Contact Me form or post a comment at the end of this post! Thanks in advance if you can help…