Huge savings with Admiral Multicar insurance

I just had to post something about Admiral Multicar insurance after they’ve managed to nearly halve my insurance quote this year! And this is at a time when the press are regularly stating that insurance premiums are going up across the board too. My renewal quote from previous insurer, 1st Central, came in at more than £200 higher than the previous year, despite having an extra year’s No Claims Bonus as well. I had the distinct impression they were trying to price me out of their business… so maybe it’s a business tactic of theirs?!

Anyway, I spoke to a really nice and helpful guy at Admiral called Maurice and he helped process my order. The customer service was first class, but that’s really secondary to the policy stuff, which was really outstanding. Not only can I have my renewal on the date that I want (end of April), but as the other car policy isn’t due to renew until the start of August, I can let that existing policy finish before adding it to my multicar policy. When it does join in August, it’ll be a pro-rata payment to bring it in line with the first car policy. It really couldn’t be easier!

Or get a quote now by clicking here:

The cheapest quote I had from either, or – was more than £400 more expensive than the multicar policy and all of them had higher excesses too!

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UK Tax Calculators

I came across this handy UK Tax Calculator the other day. You can access it here:

It works for the standard income tax calculation and lots of other types of tax too… including a forward look at how legislation will be changing take home income in the coming tax year too.

UK Budget 2010 – top 10 highlights

Mr Darling’s finished going through his budget now and there weren’t any huge surprises in there.

What are the key announcements?

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Money Saving Expert – top tips

I’m a big fan of the Money Saving Expert web site and think Martin Lewis has done some excellent work in promoting consumer rights and delivering valuable information regarding finances, shopping and saving money in every way possible. One of the articles in today’s newsletter caught my eye – about cheap Hay Fever medication options. I know a few people who’d certainly benefit from this info, so I’ll be sending the link on to them shortly… In the meantime though, a quick summary is as follows:

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Pension boost ideas from Love Money

It’s not so much a hot topic these days, but it’s certainly something everybody should be thinking about… pensions! I saw this article on Love Money (HERE) about how to boost your pension by 27%. It sounds too good to be true – and, for most of us, it is… but for many mothers or other parents out there who haven’t made their full complement of NI contributions due to taking time out to look after the little ones, this simple tip could prove very worthwhile.

For the full weekly pension payment, the current requirement is for men to accrue 44 years and women 39 years of NIC’s by the time they retire, but from this year (6th April to be precise), it’ll be cut to 30 years for men and women. Anyway, follow the link to find out in more detail about this.


ISA myths

There’s a good article on the Moneywise web site that I was emailed today… all about the myths associated with ISAs. They’ve given a top 10, as:

  1. You can only open one ISA
  2. They have to be declared on a tax return
  3. They are only worth having if you are a higher-rate taxpayer
  4. They are risky
  5.  Opening an ISA is complicated
  6. Putting money in an ISA is better than contributing to a pension
  7. Transferring an ISA is a nuisance
  8. There’s no point putting money into an ISA outside ISA season
  9. Teenagers can’t have ISAs
  10. If I move abroad, I’ll lose my ISA

The full article is available HERE

The voucher part of this site is better than a lot of the other ones out there – and the aggregated information about different financial deals are also among the best. The TV adverts might not have the same catchiness of their competitors, but that aside, they’re the market leader within their sector in terms of aggregating deals from the widest variety of sources. In particular, with the car insurance sector – they’re also up against similar aggregators who aren’t exactly independent – as they’re backed by car insurance providers!