Free cloud storage solution… The Box


There’s a lot of talk about cloud computing right now and I think it’s only a matter of time before many of us move our entire digital lives into the cloud. That is to say that instead of carting around CDs, DVDs, USB drives, hard drives or SD cards for cameras, for example, we’ll all just be connecting and uploading/downloading content to and from the internet.

There are a number of free cloud storage services around – and I’ve listed a few of them below – but the one I’m using and therefore recommend is The Box. Pleasingly, it also has a current promotion at the moment for all Android users that sign up before the 23rd March 2012, get a free upgrade to 50gb storage. The maximum file size is also increased from 25mb to 100mb, so it should suffice for virtually most files, apart from full movies or TV shows.

As you’d expect, the service comes with its own range of apps, Android and iPhone, as well as desktop integration and easy bulk uploads for when backing up your files to the cloud. It’s really easy to manage too, with easy creation of folders and sub-folders, and the ability to grant others access to your content, by inviting them to collaborate. Paid upgrades enable more user levels, but if you’re a basic personal user that’s looking for a decent volume of cloud storage space, the box certainly puts forward a great proposition.

To sign up, click HERE

Other free cloud services you might want to consider include:

  • Dropbox – 2gb of free space, or 2.5gb if you sign up via this link here: There are a handful of very good reasons why Dropbox is so popular.
  1. It was one of the first cloud storage options available.
  2. So many people use it and are familiar with it.
  3. You can claim up to 16gb of free extra space just by referring people. My referral link is HERE – so please sign up using that so we each get an extra 500mb of space!
  4. The wide variety of ways in which you can access your space, particularly with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets – is class leading.
  5. The integration with Windows and ability to automatically sync and backup files is fantastic.

There are others available, but these are just a selection. Ultimately, your choice of provider will depend on your individual requirements and what balance you need between features and space.

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